PCB Assembly Companies

PCB assembly and prototypes providers, our two companies EPS and SPE work hand in hand and share their expertise to give you high quality services.

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Two companies united for a unique quality.

EPS/SPE arises from the association of two companies : Electronique Prototype Service (PCB Prototypes Services) and Service de Production Electronique (PCB Assembly Services). They decided in 2010 to merge their human and technical skills as well as their equipment in order to associate their different professions in a global project.

These two PCB specialized companies are complementary because they master every step of the production line: from prototyping to assembly and finally batch or mass production.

August 2013 was a major turning point for this collaboration, the two companies moved in common premises. EPS and SPE provide today full-service offers within unrivaled deadlines, with a single interlocutor and a unique technical expertise.